A drive up Sugar Creek Road

June 29, 2015  •  1 Comment

Exploring the roads of Northern Utah and Southeastern Idaho I keep discovering more and more hidden views that I want to share. This past Friday I decided to take a drive up along the Cub River between Franklin and Preston, Idaho. It has been quite a while since I've been up that way and it was a beautiful morning for a drive.


Beautiful but hot, as summer this year is already scorching and it's only late June. However, with the long hot days of early summer the first harvest of hay has arrived. Just a few miles after I turned onto Cub River Road it began to climb above the floor of the canyon so that I could look down on the fields below. Pulling over at a farm driveway I got out of my car and saw a field in the river bottom with the hay already cut and baled waiting for collection.


Taken looking down into Cub River Canyon near Franklin, Idaho.


Driving on a few miles further I came to the intersection of Cub River Road and Sugar Creek Road. Turning onto the side road you immediately cross a small bridge. I stopped here for a few minutes and gazed down on Sugar Creek's cool water running beneath the bridge. Shaded by trees the rocky creek bed seemed so quiet and inviting, a refreshing stop on this hot summer morning.


Taken along Sugar Creek, Idaho.


Continuing along Sugar Creek Road the pavement soon ends and it becomes a gravel road. As I followed the road it climbed higher and higher into the hills. The twists, turns, and dips in the road kept me motivated to drive on ever farther to see what new vistas of fields, pastures, and meadows were beyond the next bend in the road.


Taken as you drive East on Sugar Creek Road deeper into the hills.


Several miles farther up the canyon road I came upon a pasture with a couple of horses grazing. Knowing how much my daughter Brooklyn loves horses I just had to stop and take a picture of one of them. Of course I wanted the horse to look up from eating grass so I could make eye contact. Easier said then done. I yelled, hollered, and jumped up and down but the horse just kept on grazing without looking up. Only when I barked like a dog did I get the horse to finally lift it's head so I could get Brooklyn's picture.


Taken up along Sugar Creek Road above Cub River Canyon, Idaho.


I still hadn't reached the end of the road but my time was running out so I turned around and headed back for home. But I will be back soon because the landscapes up this road are incredible and I think taking sunrise and sunset pictures sometime will make for some even more amazing photographs. Not to mention, I haven't reached the end of the road and it's calling to me.



1.Sarah S.(non-registered)
Fantastic pictures! I would have given money to see you try to get that horse's attention, hahaha!!!
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