An evening along Spring Creek

June 19, 2015  •  1 Comment

I took an opportunity this past Wednesday evening to take some sunset pictures. As luck would have it however there wasn't the awesome mind-blowing colorful lights bouncing off of the clouds that we photographers love. But as turned east onto 14200 North outside of Cove, Utah I did make some worthwhile discoveries. Driving down the dirt road I topped a little rise to see below me and to the north Spring Creek meandering through a picturesque landscape of farm fields that were bounded by hills and mountains. Stopping, I disturbed several deer that bounded across the road and into the wetlands along the creek. It was a beautiful scene, serene in the summer evening.


Taken of Spring Creek along 14200 North, Cove Utah.


Also, as I looked down the road from this little rise I saw in the distance a couple of interesting farm structures. They were well-worn from use but now apparently abandoned. The structures are representative of the numerous out-buildings you find all around the valley, many which are now empty. Some these were built for obvious reasons but in many cases their purposes are not at all apparent.


These particular structures were on the south side of the road and surrounded by open fields far from any farm house. The worn shed was unusual in that it had windows on all sides of it. Those windows that weren't broken out though had been painted over. Why does this shed have so many windows, what had it been used for?


Taken near Spring Creek along 14200 North, Cove Utah.


In front and below the shed were three large but not particularly tall cement structures that were cylindrical in shape. Built into side of the small hill that shed stood upon they looked almost like military bunkers. Instead of gun ports however each had a metal door at its base. The cylinders might be some kind of storage silos but why were they built out here in the fields so far from any farmyard?


Taken near Spring Creek along 14200 North, Cove Utah.


These unusual structures I discovered just over a rise on lonely dirt road are the kind of discoveries that keep me exploring this amazing Cache Valley.


One last discovery that I made on this outing however was not so pleasant. This year we had an usually wet spring with lots of rain. When I got out of the car to make my photographs I was swarmed by mosquitos, large clouds of them. Of course not thinking ahead I had no mosquito repellent and was unmercifully attacked for the nearly 90 minutes I was taking pictures. Finally, with the sun gone down I jumped back into my car and sped south back down Highway 91 until I could reach a pharmacy. There I bought a variety of medications all promising to relive the torturous itching.


Still the outing was worth the suffering to take some awesome pictures. Suffering I am still experiencing days later. On my next outing however I am going to make sure I cover myself from head-to-toe with mosquito repellent before even thinking of getting out of the car.




1.Sarah S.(non-registered)
wow these are gorgeous! I would love a print of the first one, especially!! I eagerly await your 2016 Cache Valley calendar, which I assume will be coming soon. Too bad about the mosquitos. I drove out to Grantsville recently and had so many hitting my windshield that it was hard to see. I had to pull over to try to scrub some of them off the window. In the 3 minutes I stepped outside I got at least 5 bites. I can't imagine being out there for longer than that!
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