Around Smithfield Utah

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This past Friday time was short, so during the morning I just drove north a few miles to Smithfield, Utah and took some pictures in and outside this pretty little city.


Going over to Forrester Acres, the wonderful recreation area on the west side of the city, I noticed an old weathered barn and outbuilding just outside of the complex. The rough texture of the outbuilding with its corrugated roof gleaming in the bright morning, and the geometric shapes of the fences had just the kind of strong contrast that makes for a good black and white photograph. Since it was set back some from the road I set up my tripod and took the picture with my 55mm to 210mm telephoto zoom lens set to about 150mm.


Taken in Smithfield, Utah at the corner of 100 North and 400 West.


After taking a few more pictures in the city I drove west on 100 North which is also State Route 218. After a few miles I turned north and reached Coleman Road. Coming off of Coleman road is a gravel farm road that winds west with alfalfa fields on the north side and some marsh and pasture lands to the south. Stopping on a bit of a rise I saw these amazing blindingly white clouds billowing up above the Bear River Mountains to the east. The image was taken again with my 55mm to 210mm lenses on the tripod right about 55mm. I used a polarizing filter on the lens to increase the contrast and darken the sky.


Taken outside Smithfield, Utah looking east towards the Bear River Mountains.


Driving just a little further down this gravel farm road I saw four mules congregated together next to the road at about the highest point of their pasture. Three of the mules took no interest in me at all but one watched my every move. I put my 16mm wide angle lens on the camera which allowed me to set up my tripod just a few feet from my curious friend to take his photograph along with his very disinterested companions. One of the things I enjoy about this valley is its diversity of farm animals. Besides horses, draft horses, mules, cows, and chickens, people in the valley also raise llamas, alpacas, reindeer, sheep, goats, miniature goats, trout, and more.


Taken in the fields east of Smithfield, Utah.


Once more a morning exploring Cache Valley, even it was only a few miles from home, led to a fun time and the discovery of some new and worthwhile Cache Valley views.


Technical note: the camera I used for these photographs was my Sony A6000 mirror-less camera. Since it has an APS-C sensor, which is somewhat smaller than a 35mm full-frame sensor, you need to multiply the lens focal lengths by a factor of 1.5X. This means that my 55mm to 210mm zoom lens would be equivalent to about a 90mm to 305mm zoom lenses on a full-frame 35mm camera body. And my 16mm wide-angle lens would be about 24mm on a full-frame camera.


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